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ReServe is the premier wine preservation system on the market. It has received acclaim from sommeliers and restaurateurs.

In tests with recognized wine experts, ReServe preserved over sixty wines at "restaurant quality" by an average of over 6 days, a significant improvement over other preservation systems. ReServe is also designed to maintain the elegant traditions of serving and enjoying wine.

Now you can preserve an opened bottle of wine for over a week! Imagine the possibilities... 

  • Open that favorite Pinot Noir even if no one else is in the mood for a glass of wine, and savor it a glass at a time. You won't waste a drop.
  • You want to drink a Cabernet and she wants a Chardonnay. No need to tussle, just open both bottles knowing that you have over a week to finish each bottle.
  • A couple of friends come over... no need to "vote" on which bottle to open, just open whatever people want to drink. You won't have to worry about wasting a glass.
  • Open a nice bottle Tuesday night and have a glass, then have another glass on Friday, and another on Monday...
  • Drink what you really want with your meal instead of settling for "less expensive" table wine. 
ReServe welcomes you to a new unencumbered way to enjoy wine!

"Many of you wine lovers probably have the same dilemma I do. You open a nice bottle of wine, drink a couple of glasses, then you want to preserve the rest for another day. There have been several wine preservation systems on the market, from suction pumps to aerosol cans. There's a very sophisticated new system out now that works by means of an argon gas cartridge. I've tested it and it works! ..it would be a great gift for the serious wine lover."
Anthony Dias Blue, Wine and Spirits Editor, Bon
Appetit Magazine

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